Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Getting Treated for a Herniated Disc

A herniated disc is a pain unlike anything else. To say it completely interrupts your life is a total understatement. To say it can be absolute misery is perhaps too bluntly saying it like it is. The main point is, for people suffering with a herniated disc, getting relief is nearly the only thing on their minds. At Living Well Medical in NYC, we’ve been helping people find lasting relief and even go back to being pain-free for years, and we do it without surgical intervention.

Herniated disc treatment programs at our New York office generally involves many different facets to improve overall wellness. Changes in nutrition and diet, physical therapy to improve muscle stability, chiropractic to adjust the spinal alignment, acupuncture to relief pain and stress, and a wealth of other soft tissue techniques like massage and Active Release can all constitute a full pain relief program at Living Well Medical. However, a major component that contributes to lasting benefits is spinal decompression therapy.

This therapeutic device is relatively new as a treatment for herniated, bulging or prolapsed discs, but the results it has achieved have pushed it to right near the top of the non-surgical back pain treatment list.

By applying closely monitored and computer-regulated amounts of stretch to the spine in the areas of herniation/bulge, pressure on the injured discs can be relieved, allowing them to pull badly needed nutrients and fluids into themselves. In so doing, damaged disc structures may be repaired and pain relieved. The device allows patients to lie down and relax during treatment; many even fall asleep during a typical treatment session.

The advancements in non-surgical pain relief like spinal decompression therapy have enabled us to help people in numbers we were not able to before. If a herniated disc is at the core of your pain, contact our office @ 212-645-8151 and ask about spinal decompression. We want to help you stop the pain.

- Dr. Shoshany, NYC Chiropractor

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