Monday, November 3, 2008

Spinal decompression therapy

Spinal Decompression therapy.
Spinal Decompression

Below is from Dr. Eben Davis in SF, I couldn't say it any better so I posted his reply and added a link to his Blog.

I was communicating with a prospective spinal decompression patient yesterday. He had a couple of questions/concerns that are shared by many they are:

1. Doctors that have a nonsurgical spinal decompression machine such as the DRX9000, all seem to say the machine helps just about everybody with a disc herniation. Is this information accurate?

2. Spine Doctors or Chiropractors that do not have a decompression machine have mixed opinions...some go as far as to say they do not work and that decompression treatment is just a waste of money. What am I supposed to think?

I understand, and this has been my experience also. Think about it though...most doctors that have gone as far as purchasing a spinal decompression system, have done a lot of homework before they least I did. I spent a year researching spinal decompression before I bought my first machine.

Then, it sure doesn't take long to start getting some really good results...even with the toughest of cases. So sure...decompression doctors are excited about what they do...and they should be.

Medical doctors, chiropractors, and physical therapist, or anyone else that does not have first hand experience treating patients with non-surgical spinal my opinion, have no idea about the real life changing results that lumbar and cervical spinal decompression is giving thousands of happy patients. They may have an opinion...but what's it really worth?

And...even the doctors that have a DRX9000, and have lots of experience, don't know for sure if it's going to help you...nobody does. You have to do the decompression treatment and adhere to the home care regimen to find out. Everyone knows decompression treatment is safe...unlike many other treatment choices for disc herniations...and that's a big plus.

Here's the deal...something must be going right, because most of the patients that decide to do spinal decompression therapy do so because of direct testimony from patients that have had successful outcomes...they don't have a gun to their heads either...they make educated decisions.

They read information like the stuff I write on this blog, and they talk to people. Enough people have now done treatment on the DRX9000 and DRX9000c, or some other machine that it's easy to find someone to talk to about it.

New Research on spinal decompression supports their decision also. There is a DRX9000 Special Report out that is based on studies done at the Mayo Clinic and John Hopkins Universities. The results are very, very favorable. If you are considering spinal decompression therapy, don't listen to the naysayers...decide for yourself.

OK, So I could not have said this any better.
I have been a Chiropractor for over 10 years, Not every patient that comes into my office needs Spinal decompression. Most patients do great with Chiropractic, Physical therapy and massage.
BUT when a patient tried EVERYTHING, and is considering a surgery that is when we will consider a Non-surgical protocol.
Most patients come in have their MRI's, Their Nerve tests and bottles of Vicodin.
In my NYC Chiropractic office I have a MD on site that evaluates the medication that patients are on.
Once someone starts a Spinal decompression protocol they are encouraged to be diligent about their schedule and home exercises.
Back pain is the second hardest to treat condition, Cancer is first.
This Spinal decompression is not 100% I let patients know this from the beginning. Their are no guarantees but most of the studies done on spinal decompression therapy point to over 80% success rate.