Monday, September 17, 2007

Spinal decompression therapy
spinal decompression therapy in New York
I found this great article on this is geared more to the doctors, I have encountered problems with this group anyone else let me know!

Written by Dr. Edwards

Offering Spinal Decompression Therapy? Expect ACN to Try to Terminate Your Contract!
After writing my first article on spinal decompression therapy (Feb. 12, 2007 issue of Dynamic Chiropractic),1 I must admit that the response from readers was somewhat surprising. In fact, I received more e-mail responses about that article than any other article I have written as a columnist for this publication!

As consultants for doctors who provide traction/decompression services and as postgraduate instructors on traction/decompression coding and marketing compliance, nothing happens in the spinal decompression arena without me and my wife and practice partner, Dr. Cynthia Vaughn, hearing about it within hours. And since the publication of my first article, a great deal has occurred, especially related to insurance company coding positions and licensing board actions against doctors.

For that reason, I was writing this issue’s article about those two subjects. But on the very day of the submission deadline for this issue, Dr. Vaughn and I received certified letters from the American Chiropractic Network (ACN), notifying us that ACN was terminating our provider contracts based upon the insurer’s contention that spinal decompression therapy is an unproven modality for therapeutic purposes. Thus, our discussion of those other two subjects will have to wait, as I will use this article to alert the profession about ACN’s latest antics.

Here is a thumbnail sketch of what has occurred. As consultants on traction/decompression coding and marketing compliance, we undertook to represent a client in his effort to stop ACN from terminating his provider contract on the primary basis that he was offering traction/decompression services. Once we agreed to serve as his expert witnesses and that became known to ACN, we also became targets of its termination jihad.

For the life of us, we do not understand why ACN would attempt to cancel a provider’s contract on the basis of providing traction/decompression services. However, we suspect ACN is using this avenue to remove doctors who currently advocate the benefits of spinal decompression therapy, and especially those doctors who serve the American Chiropractic Association – such as Dr. Vaughn and I – and who are very active in the ACA’s pending lawsuit against ACN.

English philosopher Edmund Burke once said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Dr. Vaughn and I will not be guilty of “doing nothing” as ACN attempts to bully members of the chiropractic profession and chiropractic patients into accepting only those treatment options deemed acceptable to the shortsighted and misguided administrators at ACN.

Should you face similar inquiries or threatened sanctions through your use of traction/decompression services, or should you have questions or want additional information on issues related to spinal decompression coding, office procedures or marketing compliance, please feel free to contact me.


Edwards J. “Spinal Decompression 101.” Dynamic Chiropractic, Feb. 12, 2007;25(4). Available at:

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Spinal decompression therapy
I was contacted by the American Chiropractic Network yesterday, apparently they are not happy that I utilize Spinal decompression in my practice.
I am a participating provider with ACN they manage United health care and Aetna Chiropractic network in New York.
I explained to them that this is an elective procedure and patients pay Cash or finance the service, and they are happy to pay because they are getting amazing results.
This seemed to fall on deaf ears, They made some valid points about the fact that more double blind studies must be done, also they mentioned that it is not taught at Chiropractic schools which is untrue because it is now taught at Life West.
ACN is the same group that recommends all Chiropractors to stop seeing patients after the 5th visit or you get reviewed and kicked out!
I no longer want someone to tell me how to treat my patients and how many visits to treat them for based on some formula. This is managed care and it doesn't take into consideration what is best for the patient.
The point I am making is that more studies do need to be conducted and if this procedure is going to gain mainstream acceptance as the preferred Non surgical treatment for Low back pain due to herniated discs more work must be done.
If you are a Chiropractor that is In network with any managed care plans you must play by their rules.
Did you ever wonder why pioneers in the medical field are not participating providers?
Spinal decompression in New York

Monday, September 10, 2007

Spinal Decompression in Manhattan

PowerPlate combined with the DRX 9000 non surgical spinal decompression makes for an incredible treatment for Chronic low back pain PowerPlate in the new New York -WABC, March 22, 2006) - Exercise and prevent cellulite and osteoporosis, all at the same time? That's the promise of the so called Power Plate. Some of the biggest stars swear by it. Eyewitness News reporter Lauren Glassberg is here now with the details. Usually when you go to the gym, you're trying to tone and burn calories, but now there's a device that's starting to show up in gyms that's going a step or two further: it's believed to benefit people with osteoporosis and varicose veins. William Castillo literally shakes up his routine with a device gets his body vibrating. In no time he's sweating and over time he says it's helped shrink his varicose veins. Casa Spa owner Sally Imbo is also a believer in the power plate. You might be too. The Power Plate is in essence a vibrating platform that vibrates between 30 and 50 times a second. So what does that do for you? Almost any exercise is possible on the Power Plate, and because your body is constantly being thrown off balance, it's that much harder. Your muscles get a work out and your bones may benefit as well. Madonna is reported to have used a Power Plate after breaking bones in a horse back riding accident, so a little shaking on this could set you straight. Sally Imbo, Casa Spa: "You might come in with the intention of having a better looking butt or something but you'll have the benefit of increased bone density." Or, at the very least, reduce the loss of bone density. Of course more study is needed, but pro sports teams are now using Power Plates for their training and conditioning, and more and more gyms are buying them for their clients to use. The combination of The DRX 9000 which is the best spinal decompression table on the market and the PowerPlate is an incredible solution to those suffering with pain from herniated discs. Call (212) 645-18151 in New York City for PowerPlate and Spinal decompression treatment for herniated discs. Chronic low back pain solution.I recently found a gym in New York that charges 45 dollars for twenty minutes on the PowerPlate. When someone undergoes spinal decompression this is a part of the Rehab and it is also usually covered by the health insurance.