Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sciatica and leg pain

It’s extremely common, extremely painful and extremely frustrating. It’s sciatica, one of the most
common problems contributing to people missing work in the US. Contrary to popular usage
in everyday speech, it’s not a condition. Rather, it’s a grouping of symptoms which include
everything that stinks about back troubles.

Here’s a short list of sciatica’s greatest hits (tongue firmly planted in cheek):

Lower Back Pain
Leg Pain
Burning Sensation
Muscular Weakness

So you read that list and think, I have some one or more of these symptoms and it’s the worst
- you might be a sciatica sufferer. One of the tricks that back pain causing conditions pull,
is to have very similar results. As a form of radiculopathy (when related to herniated discs
compressing the sciatic nerve, the namesake of sciatica), these types of symptoms are often
associated, although the direct cause may differ. That’s why spinal decompression practitioners
and other pain specialists typically require MRIs to determine the root cause of pain.

In many cases, disc irregularities like herniation or degeneration cause the nerve compression
that leads to irritation, inflammation and pain. Spinal decompression is one of our mainline
treatments for conditions like these, but Living Well Medical in NYC is multidisciplinary facility;
physical therapy, acupuncture, massage, chiropractic, Active Release Technique and so many
other techniques are available under one roof. Based on what we find, we create a unique
treatment program that is built around what’s wrong with you - none of these cookie cutter
programs you find in other pain clinics.

Sciatica is a major problem - it puts your life on hold completely. I talk to patients who can’t
stand, can’t sit, can’t even lie down to sleep properly because the pain is always there. The
most important thing is to see a doctor if the pain doesn’t go away in short order. Call us at 212-

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