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A recent question that was emailed to me and answer below:

Hello. I need a little advice that I hope you can give to me. In January 2010 I herniated my L2-3 disc. there was a central disc herniation with anterior thecal sac impingement and left foraminal impingement. I was going to a chiropractor who had me on the decompression table- the old fashioned kind where they strap your body in and there is calibrated wights that stretch your lower body as the table moves back and forth. It worked fine. But I was tod that I really needed a PT to help me rehab the core area and build myself back to normal. I have been going to a Mackenzie Specialist But all i was getting was heat treatments and then doing birddog exercises and a bicycle sort of exercise lying on my back. he also put me on this machine called the Repex machine- which stands for repetitive end range movements. Did Ok - but seemed to be going nowhere- I was doing the Mackenzie cobras at home every day Am and Pm. he told me not to do anything at home??? After almost 2 months of going to him I have now stopped. I do the cable exercises at home for my core- rotation and pulls etc etc BUT I still have some SLIGHT soreness in my left gluteal area and si AREA - this IS WHAT HE CALLS REFERRED PAIN.I understand that BUT what I need to know is how long will it take for me to feel 100% better. I have stopped ALL working out and am reallly really careful.I stand and sit with great posture and use lumbar supports in the car and at home. I also use the TENS machine and heating pads frequently. I read on many sites that COMPLETE SCAR tissue healing of a disc can take between 12-15 months. Does that mean this is when I will feel 100% better?????? I also have the book written by Jesse Cannone-- Lose the back and one exercise shows spinal decompression- by DRAPING yourself OVER the physio ball and letting yourself roll forward-- is this an OK exercise???If here is any added info you can advise me on I would be so very grateful for any expertise you can pass my way - either in the way of exercises besides the plethora of info I have found on the web or just some good old pat on the back to tell me that I will be OK- before this happened I could do anything- this back accident caused by doing deadlifts the WRONG way- has really slowed me down for the last few months- I would really like to get back to some exercises etc as soon as possible...P.S-- I do a lot of treadmilling since this occurred and just recently I have started to let myself hang from my chinning bar to let my spine decompress also-- please advise me on this also. Thanks so much for your ear and I hope to hear from you soon.

To answer your question,First I am not exactly sure about the type of spinal decompression table that you where treated on,there are so many table and products out there that claim to provide spinal decompression.
I use the DRX-9000 spinal decompression table in my NYC office, it provides consistent results and is very comfortable for the patient.
That being said, most everyone that completes spinal decompression needs to Rehab the Core muscles and strengthen the weak muscles and stretch the short muscles.
In my NYC non-surgical disc herniation facility we utilize the SpineForce Rehab system, it works by targeting all of the deep spinal muscles and works on strengthening them and stretching them, it's pretty awesome,check it out at
I like pull ups as well, that is a great way to lengthen your spine and strengthen your upper body, just be aware of any swaying and concentrate on form.
I don't know the Repex machine, but I use a machine that basically does a similar thing it is a repetitive flexion extension machine that does the Mackenzie technique.
It sounds like that you are doing everything you can and need to allow yourself time to heal, The disc is a avascular structure (meaning it has a poor blood supply) it takes time to heal after spinal decompression.
I have had patients complete a protocol and sometimes not see their desired results until a month or two after our last session. Healing a herniated disc takes time.
It is important to work on the core muscles and it sounds like you are already doing that, keep a positive mental attitude.
Good luck, and one more thing if after 2 months you are still hurting-I would go out and get a weight bearing MRI and add flexion,extension views
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