Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Suffering with chronic back pain in NYC?

Suffering from chronic low back pain? You definitely are not alone. And like most you have no doubt tried a variety of treatments.

In most cases of low back pain the disc is the source of discomfort. Many studies have shown that the disc is overwhelmingly to blame for episodes of low back pain. The facet joints and the SI joints also contribute but as as commonly as the disc.

One thing that most people don’t understand about the disc is that while it is the most pain sensitive structure in the spine it is only initially pain sensitive in the outer 1/3. This is one of the reasons pain can hit so suddenly because as the inner portion of the disc is migrating outwards you don’t feel pain, but once the outer fibers are involved low back pain will be experienced.

The disc begins a degenerative process after micro trauma has weakened the outer fibers. This occurs primarily because of the lack of a direct blood supply to the disc. The disc relies on a fluid exchange that occurs with motion from the blood supply in the bones above and below the disc. Once damage has occurred however, the disc begins to weaken as it dries out and becomes more brittle.

One little known fact about disc pain is that once a disc begins to dry out it becomes more pain sensitive. That’s because certain cells that hold hydration in the disc also inhibit the growth of pain sensitive nerves in the disc. So once a disc drys out painful nerves become more abundant.

There is only one treatment that actually creates a healthy and nourishing influx on hydration into the disc and that is spinal decompression. This treatment creates an active fluid exchange so that the disc receives the nutrition that it needs to heal.

Muscle contraction response is a common problem when applying any type of traction force to the spine, however the technology known as spinal decompression has a patented computer technology that allows it to overcome contraction of these muscles in real time. This allows a true spinal decompression effect to take place.

Spinal decompression creates 2 desirable effects for the disc. One is that is draws in any herniated or bulging material centrally to decrease nerve compression or irritation.And secondly it brings in a fresh supply of nutrition so that the raw materials are present for the disc to heal.

By treating the primary source of the patients back pain the patient has a much higher likelihood of a long term recovery. Unlike most other treatment that are symptom based.

If you suffer from low back pain and have tried other treatments that have not worked for you, spinal decompression can offer you a valuable treatment option that can last.
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