Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Latest DRX9000™ Study Data Published In Peer-Reviewed Journal

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Data Published In Peer-Reviewed Journal! Manhattan,NYC

A study titled, "Prospective Evaluation of the Efficacy of Spinal Decompression via the DRX9000 for Chronic Low Back Pain" was published in the December issue of The Journal of Medicine. The study authored by Dr. John Leslie, Mayo Clinic, et al, was designed to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of the DRX9000 in the treatment of chronic lower back pain. Patients enrolled in the study had suffered an overall average of 266 weeks of low back pain. At the conclusion of the study, 16 of the 18 patients reported improvement in low back pain, greater than 50%. The authors state, "Patients also reported having better daily activity function as measured by the Oswestry Disability Index." Reprints are available through Axiom Worldwide. To view this article please visit here.
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