Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Physical therapy in Manhattan-Introducing Spider tech kinesiology tape

SPIDERTECH Introductory Training Program Kicks Off in Manhattan

NUCAP Medical, the originators of SpiderTech “Ready to Apply” pre-cut kinesiology tape products, announced the kick-off of their Introductory Training program on May 16th, in the Broadway, New York offices of Dr. Steve Shoshany D.C.,C.C.E.P.,C.K.T.P,-spinal decompression specialist.

The kick-off is the first “open” training event for SpiderTech products in North America, providing a one-day, intensive, SpiderTech basic theory and application course, The course teaches a functional therapeutic approach to modulate pain and myofascial dysfunction through the use of specialized kinesiology tape applications, providing the practicing therapist both the knowledge and practical hands-on tools necessary to incorporate Spider-Tech Therapy into their patient management strategies.

“We’ve developed and validated the training during our certification of K-Active Europe’s training team, as well as during several months of specialized presentations to key North American sports medicine and therapy clinicians”, states Dr. Kevin Jardin, NUCAP Medical’s CMO. “The feedback has been excellent, with participants ending up enthused about the level of knowledge, the breakthrough thinking behind the theory, and potential for SpiderTech products to deliver a difference in their therapeutic practices.”

These special Introductory Training programs are NUCAP Medical’s first phase in delivering a national training program targeted to the health care professional. The training provides the participant with certification within SpiderTech’s Basic Applications Program; with the only costs to the participants being the purchase of a SpiderTech Training Kit ($89.00 US) and provision of a suitable facility for hosting training.

“I’m very excited to host this event at my clinic,” comments Dr Steve Shoshany DC, C.C.E.P,C.K.T.P.,of NYC Disc decompression specialists. “To me it’s a breakthrough product in adding Kinesiology Tape Therapy into your therapeutic strategies" We’re looking to add training dates, and we still have some seats available for the May 16th sessions, so please feel free to contact us at

NUCAP Medical’s Introductory Training program currently has multiple training events over the next 6 months across the US. To inquire about scheduling a training event, contact, or visit the Training home page at

About Dr. Kevin Jardine (CMO NUCAP Med., DC, CSCS, ART, Med.Ac)

Dr. Jardine is the founding partner of The Urban Athlete, a multidisciplinary treatment and training studio specializing in treating athletic related injuries. He is a sports medicine advisor to multiple professional runners, triathletes and cycling teams. Dr. Jardine is the co-inventor of SpiderTech therapeutic products.

About Dr. Steven Shoshany (D.C, C.C.E.P., C.K.T.P)
Dr. Shoshany is a chiropractic healthcare specialist with a diverse background. He holds a doctorate degree from Life Chiropractic University, and is currently the clinical director of NYC disc decompression specialists, specializing in spinal decompression.Offering the most comprehensive spinal decompression treatment available in Manhattan. For more information, visit or

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