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Is inversion therapy a replacement to spinal decompression?

Recent question emailed to me

I get this question emailed to me at least 3 times a day, Especially with the economy as bad as it is people want to save money.
I truly believe your health is the last area you want to go cheap on.
I answered her question below and to protect her privacy left her name out.
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I was researching on the Internet regarding decompression with the DRX 9000 versus inversion therapy and your name came up. I am hoping you would have a moment to please help me and answer a few questions. I don’t know who else to turn to.

I have mild disc herniation at my L5-S1 joint and L3-4 but have significant pain and limited ROM. I went to see a chiropractor in my area (as I live in Canada) that offers the DRX 9000 as a treatment. However, the treatment plan was quite expensive $4500 – I understand why though it costs this much as the equipment is expensive to purchase I am sure.

I just recently purchased an inversion table from Ketler so I have this already in my home.

Please, can you tell me if the inversion table will get me results of decompressing my spinal and can it complete reverse my disc herniation? I was told the DRX 9000 can reverse the damage. Is that true? I understand about muscle spasms while using inversion and how it may not allow decompression of the spine.. I will try oscillation/rocking from standing to inversion to try and prevent spasms, but know this is not full proof. Will this help?

As $4500 is a lot of money to my family and I, can you please tell me if it is worth the expense, or should I try the inversion table for a while to see if I get pain relief. I am, though, concerned about long term – I really want to cure the disc herniation, but is that possible?

Sorry for so many questions, but I am frustrated as I don’t know what to do.

To answer your question simply NO.

A inversion therapy will not and cannot achieve the same thing as a DRX 9000 spinal decompression table.
I have the teeter inversion table in my office and I personally use it to stretch and elongate my spine and do my stomach exercises on.

The reason being is that a high end table like the DRX 9000 is computerized and has a feedback system that monitors your movements, the weight that it pulls with is precise and controlled and the cycling of the pull and relaxation is what creates this negative pressure, this simply cannot be achieved with the inversion table.

I do not see harm in trying it but when you are ready to fix this problem the spinal decompression protocol when done properly is simply the best treatment for herniated discs. The Doctor is charging you $4,500 which is a good price and defintley worth the price.I charge $6,650 for my protocol, I have patients that once they complete the protocol tell me they would of paid double if they new how good they would feel.
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I hope this answers your questions Good luck.

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