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Right leg weakness due to a herniated disc

Spinal Decompression question and answer.
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Subject: right leg weakness

Question: I'm a 60 year old male runner/triathlete and, until two years ago never experienced any back pain or injury. In one bending motion I was incapacitated and had to be taken to the emergency room b/c my right side was nearly paralyzed. MRI revealed nothing remarkable other than degenerative age related problems. Took prednazone, had epidural injections, increased core strength with pilates, and continue to exercise as best I can. However, my right leg continues to get numb and often is very weak. Had another MRI which reveals:
L 1-2: Unremarkable
L 2-3: Disc Bulge with moderate central canal stenosis and mile bilateral neural foraminal narrowing.
L 3-4: Disc Bulge along with bilater facet and ligamentum flavum hypertrophy. Resulting in mild central canal stenosis and moderate bilateral neural foraminal narrowing. A small annular tear is noted in the right foraminal region.
L 4-5: Disc bulge along with bilateral facet and ligamentum flavum hypertrophy. This results in moderate central canal stenosis and moderate bilateral neural foraminal narrowing, right greater than left.
L 5-S1: no significant stenosis
Impression: Multilevel lumbar spondylosis.

In english I'm assuming the space available for the nerves is compressed. What options are available to me to get strength back in my right leg? Thank you

I specialize in a Non surgical treatment called Spinal Decompression.
In my practice I see patients every day that have exhausted most traditional methods and find out about spinal decompression.
I would take your MRI findings and seek out a Chiropractor that specializes in Spinal decompression and offers a physical therapy program designed to rehab the core muscles. Getting the strength back in your leg requires getting the pressure of your nerve.
Be patient with the progress because the longer the pressure is on a nerve the longer it will take to heal.
Feel free to visit my website and learn about spinal decompression,
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There are Doctors worldwide that offer this service visit www.axiomworldwide.com to locate a Doctor.
Good luck.

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