Monday, September 15, 2008

Kinesio taping for herniated discs

This past weekend I completed Kinesio taping levels 1 and 2 seminars.
I have been using Kinesio tape in my Manhattan practice for 5 years on everything from ankle sprain/strains to knee pain. I learned about a new taping for herniated discs that I am going to to apply to my herniated disc protocol.
As part of the spinal decompression protocol patients are wearing a supportive brace for 3 hours after their visits to limit forward bending keep the abdomen close to the spine.
The Kinesio tape can be worn under the brace, and muscles like quadratas lumborum and the sacrospinalis or the (sacral Multifidi) that are facilitated can be taped.
The purpose of the taping is to:
Assist in education of weakened muscles, helps reduce muscle fatigue, reduces cramping,reduces pain inflammation and edema.
The four major functions and effects of Kinesio taping are to
Normalize muscle function
Improve lymphatic and blood flow
Reduce pain
Correct joint malalignment and improve propioception

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