Monday, May 26, 2008

Spinal decompression NYC

Spinal Decompression NYC
As Spinal Decompression gains in recognition as the preferred treatment for patients suffering with Chronic low back pain and or a herniated disc I would like to offer my opinion for both the potential patient and or Doctor conisdering getting into this fantastic treatment.
The most asked question is what table is the best?
I get this emailed to me every day about 10 times from both patients and Chiropractors interested in getting into the game.

I only use the best system which I believe is the DRX 9000- this is the system that is currently being studied by John Hopkins,University of California at San Francisco, Mayo Clinic,Stanford University School of Medicine
There are other systems on the market but I steer patients and Chiropractors away from the low-end tables like the DTS made by Chattanoga, these are nothing more than a glorified traction table. I would be embaressed to charge someone a full case fee ($5,800) for treatment on a DTS table or a triton table, and if I was a patient I would not pay more that $75 a visit.
It really depends on where your practice is the type of practice you want have.
I practice in Manhattan, SOHO to be exact. I offer top-notch service and I only work with the top of the line equipment like the DRX 9000 and the SpineForce made by LPG.
If you are a patient and have a choice I would chose the bettter table, why settle for anything but the best?
I also have used the Extentrac elite and the Antalgic-trac I prefer to use the Cox Flexion distraction decompression table and manually decompress the patient then put them on the linear Spinal decompression table.
I recently expanded my practice, I now have 4,000 sq feet in Manhattan dedicated to Non-surgical spinal decompression and rehab for the disc herniation patient.

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