Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Did anyone read the article in this months Chiropractic Products?
There is a article in titled " Decompression makes a Position Statement" and it is about a doctor in Florida that uses the 3D active trac.
I find it funny that Dr. Young can say that the table is "better than the system offered on the infomercial because the Saunders Group has learned from the earlier {vendor} and has better technology".
I use the DRX 9000 and the 3d active trac in my practice and you can not even compare the two tables they are not even in the same league.
The DRX 9000 is so much more comfortable and the fact that it has a trendelenburg lift makes all the difference in the world after patients are done with decompression.
I never use the 3D active trac for lumbar decompression anymore now that I have the DRX table and the results are far better with the DRX.
That magazine is all ads and that is why i started this blog is to get truthful feedback from doctors on Spinal decompression technique and protocols without paid advertisers.
I welcome comments from patients and doctors on their experience on tables.

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